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Cartagena's Gracia

Thanksgiving: Día de Acción de Gracias  Cartagena is a chaotic city. It feels like the Wild West set in a cement jungle along the Caribbean Sea. The shoot- outs over education, infrastructure, environmental protection, water and waste management, safety, and fraud are normally won by both the outlaws and the sheriff. They are one and the same. Despite the opportunistic injustice, inequality, and greed, I still feel Cartagena’s grace and I am thankful. Here is a piece I wrote in 2012 that still rings true today:  Giving Gracias   In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are the top ten things I am thankful for while living in Cartagena… 10. Skin Cancer- Even though my skin is turning into leather and white spots are forming on my skin, I still love the happiness and energy the sun gives me. 9. My Students- Despite their erratic work ethic, they always have a smile on their faces and never complain if I forget something or have to cancel class. 8. The Ex-Pats- There is a good gr