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Dash Cam Cartagena #1

Driving provides an unique view of the world we travel. I hope to capture Cartagena's singularities on my dashboard camera (dash cam). I hope you enjoy what entertains and fascinates me every day. Instagram YouTube

We Are Angels, Also.

Cartagena residents criticize themselves for not having a sense belonging or pertinencia to their city. They recognize their lack of civic duty. Who has the time? People need to work and figure out how to get their next meal. It is survival of the fittest when lawlessness prevails.  Corruption and poverty have beaten the belonging out of the people.  However, there is one day when the city comes together: November 1st, All Saints' Day.   Angeles Somos ( We Are Angels)  allows all residents to have a purpose; to belong. During Angeles Somos , children hit the streets with pots and pails in hand.  They stand outside homes and clang their kitchen wares with sticks like cowbells. When someone answers the door, they chant:  Tintililillo √Āngeles somos, del cielo venimos, pidiendo limosnas pa’ nosotros mismos.   (We are angels who come from heaven, asking for your spare change for ourselves.)  Cinco pesos pa' mi bolsillo. (5 pesos for my pocket.) No te mates, no te m