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Getsemani- Jesus Did Not Enter This Garden

Doing a Little Recycling on the Streets of Getsemani In Spanish when people don't have cultura it means they have bad manners and are ignorant. There are times when I don't know why I walk down the streets of cultureless Getsemani, a run down zone of Cartagena. It is full of whore houses and small time drug dealers. The streets are poorly lit. Many bulidings are crumbling and have trees growing out of them. There is often a pungent smell of black mold caused by heat, humidity, and neglect. Despite these unpleasantries,  I go there all the time to see free movies and concerts or have bite to eat with friends. It has the best live Salsa bar in the city. I'm always intrigued by how I can walk by a whore house where men are openly choosing their women as I am thinking about what movie I am going to go see or if I want to sit at a restaurant or just scarf down an empanada on the corner. How can these two universes co-exist? Not sure but, maybe Getsemani is not in the proces