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Top 10 Reasons Why I Fit Right In

An old friend of mine just visited me from the States. We spent our days touring the old city and chatting about the culture of Cartagena. As I was explaining the finer points, I realized despite being a “gringa,” I fit right in here for these reasons: 10. There is no such thing as being too loud or lively. 9.  Wearing a “nice” t-shirt, jeans, and sandals to work every day is perfectly acceptable. 8.  Everything is cancelled when it rains and 3 hours afterwards. 7. Repeating a good story or instructions is not annoying, it’s expected. 6. Interrupting someone is normal and often the only way to be heard. 5. People can have 5 conversations at once and remember all of them. 4. The answer “no,” is just used to bargain and in the end doesn’t exist. 3. There are 4 expressions for “to run an errand.” 2. These expressions are used to skip out on anything and no one ever asks what the errand was. 1. When in doubt, flash a big smile and everything will be great!