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Mission Completed

During my last week as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am not reflecting on whether I made a difference during my services in Paraguay and Colombia, but what am I going to do without a higher mission while overseas? Who am I when I  am not a poster child for Uncle Sam's diplomacy efforts? Will I still help the lower classes via education and enthusiasm? I am planning on staying in Cartagena as an English Education professor at a private university. My research on how to make a public school bilingual will be conducted at the same school I taught at as a volunteer. So, my work will continue and develop, but will I change personally when I not an official representative of the US? I truly hope not since, I love my country. Whether I am in the Peace Corps or not, I am often the first American Colombians have ever seen in their neighborhood or on the bus. My official mission is ending, but maybe my personal one is just as simple as bringing Colombia to your computer and the USA to their da…