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Irreversible Opportunity

A new semester has started in Cartagena. It physically affects me as I walk to school in the scorching sun, drinking water every step of the way. I arrive with a beat red face despite the 50 SPF sunblock. Teachers always worry about me when I arrive since, they don't know that a white face turns red when its hot. I say that I'm fine, but they tell me to rest just in case. School affects me mentally too. Sometimes  as I walk up the hill to school, I think to myself "why am I doing this?" I'm sweating, getting irreversible skin damage and I could get jumped at any moment. A confrontation will a robber would scare me to death, especially if it were at knife or gunpoint. I dream of the days of going to school in Boston, where I used my Blackberry on an air conditioned bus, not really paying attention to my bag or wallet. But just when the heat and fear are about to consume me, I always hear "Goo mornin' teacher! Howa ju?" I look up, wipe the sweat fro

10 Things I Miss About the States

10. Strip malls with lots of parking 9. Turkey subs 8. The Eisenhower Interstate Highway System 7. Everyone and everything has A/C even in cold climates 6. DVRs 5. It's hard to get robbed 4. Brand names are the norm, not the expensive choice 3. The insane amount of different snack foods and candies 2. Toilet paper goes in the toilet 1. Family and friends that love me even though I jumped the border