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A Caribbean Christmas

I didn't think I could get in the Christmas spirit in shorts and 80 degree weather. It just isn't Christmas without cold, clouds, and ice mimicking the North Pole. However, despite the palm trees, Cartagena definitely is in the Christmas spirit. Everyone is painting their cement homes and decking them with blinking lights, glowing Santa Clauses, bright candy canes, white snow flakes, and plastic trees. The City has decorated all the parks and tourist areas. The carols have a rhythm unlike anything you've heard in church or on the radio.  Last night, fireworks filled the sky above my house. Children woke up at dawn to light candles in honor of the Virgin Mary (Dec. 8th: Dia de la Concepcion "Velitas") to officially start the holiday season.  I will be spending Christmas in Boston this year, but I'll be turning up the heat and music so everyone can celebrate Caribbean style.

Cartagena has made the New York Times

Cartagena celebrates fervently its independence with dancing in parades, spraying foam, chucking water, throwing flour in people's faces, lighting firecrackers, drinking beer, and last but not least, worshipping beauty.  Check out this article: Dueling Beauty Pageants Put Cartagena's Income Gap on View. Make sure to watch the video.

The only problem with the article's accuracy is that it neglects to mention the middle/ middle lower class neighborhoods. Don't worry everyone. I am not living in the poorest barrio in town, Boston. When people ask me where I am from, I always say Boston... el barrio. They always smile and respond, Nooo! Boston... Los Red Sox... Estados Unidos.  ¡Sí!