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Dining 101: Spanish for Dinner

Learning Spanish in Cartagena is difficult.  Its Caribbean nuisances puzzle even fluent speakers. My advice: have Spanish for dinner and every other meal. Here is a reflection on how I finally learned:

Dining 101
In 1994, I went to Quito, Ecuador as an exchange student to study Spanish and Anthropology. I lived at the Fernandez family home in Barrio Miraflores, an upper middle-class neighborhood. Gladys and Johnny, heads of the household, made sure I had everything I needed. They assigned their maid, Maria, to clean my room, cook my meals, and wash my clothes, which did by hand. Gladys oversaw my menu and social life. Johnny, a tire salesman and patient Spanish professor, answered my poorly constructed questions while reading the newspaper. I ate all my meals with the family even though I thought about skipping out a few times. Maria was not the best cook. I didn’t know how politely mention that I despised soggy Corn Flakes with hot milk and uncuttable grey meat with a vein down the mi…
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Dash Cam Cartagena #6

Public transportation in Cartagena is now run by the Pit Bull Kartel.

Dash Cam Cartagena #5

There is always a circus in town in Cartagena. Street performers are at many stop lights to get a few coins and entertain the masses stuck in traffic.

Dash Cam Cartagena #4

Strike! Littering with intent.

Sometimes people just feel the need to stand in the bus lane, chug a soda, and then slam it on the ground.



Dash Cam Cartagena #3

La Boquilla Cienaga y Manglar

These residents are living in marsh and mangroves, right down the highway from a luxury condominium and hotel district called Los Morros.



Dash Cam Cartagena #2

Here are a few shots of the streets of Cartagena, Colombia from my dashboard camera.



Dash Cam Cartagena #1

Driving provides an unique view of the world we travel. I hope to capture Cartagena's singularities on my dashboard camera (dash cam). I hope you enjoy what entertains and fascinates me every day.